There is a legend. Mortals dare not speak of it beyond whisper. Stories are told by campfire of deeds once done. Wrongs once righted. Dragons once slain. The legend, once real, has moved on leaving nothing but rumor and hope in her wake. But evil has returned. The day is no longer safe and the night is now the play thing of wickedness. A blind homunculus now treads heavily where children now play. The world needs the return of its hero now more than ever. The world needs Gigunda the Destroyer.

You once stood before this evil toe to paw and stared into the gates of hell un-flinching. With one mighty swing of your furry leg you fell that which no ordinary man could dream to conquer. You thought your work to be over. You thought your deeds to be done and your current leisure earned. The people now cry out to you, Gigunda. The people need to believe in heroes once again. The furry avenger must take flight once more, sweeping yet another leg for great justice! Wickedness no longer threatens just a few. Our young are at risk Gigunda.

Rise up, brave cat. Rise from where you now call home and journey forth. Leave nothing but misery where evil dares to slumber. Go to where the dreams of a savior are and make them a reality. Vanquish this foe and if you so desire it bring it back from the dead just to kill it again. You rule the land, Gigunda the Destroyer. Make sure it never goes forgotten again.

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